In The Spotlight

Learn about why 30-Hour Famine 2016 is focusing on the issues of Healthcare and Education.

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Hello, Advocates

Meet the 2016 Famine Advocates and find out more about their study tour in Moises Padilla, Philippines.

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How You Are Changing Lives

See how the funds you’ve raised help fathers like Samboo lift their families out of poverty.

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Camp Leader

Are you passionate about poverty? If you’re eager to make a real difference and spark a movement in your circle of family, friends and community, then you’ve come to the right place!

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It’s always better to do it together. Join a DIY Camp today and together with others, fast from solid food while raising funds that will make a difference. Be part of the global fight against hunger and poverty today!

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Individual Participant

Have you ever thought about going hungry for 30 hours, so a hungry person won’t have to? You can make a real difference. Join the global fight against hunger and poverty today!

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Every cent counts in the fight against global hunger and poverty. Donations to the Famine Fund will help poor communities around the world through initiatives in nutrition, clean water and sanitation, education, healthcare, and economic development.