Getting Started

It’s always better to do it together. Join a DIY Camp today and together with others, fast for 30 hours while raising funds that will make a difference. Be part of the global fight against hunger and poverty today!

By signing up for a Famine DIY Camp, you’ll join others and fast for 30 hours together, learn more about hunger and poverty around the world and raise funds for projects that bring food to the hungry and transformational development to communities around the world. You’ll also find others who believe in the same cause you do and make new friends!

Points of Note:
  • A registration fee of RM30 will be collected and you will receive a Donation Booklet to help you with your fundraising effort.
  • If your DIY Camp is joining the 2017 Countdown, see you there!


Register & Raise Funds

Contact Camp Leader & Raise Funds.


Return Funds to Camp Leader

Return the Donation Booklet and funds to your Camp Leader. You will receive a temporary receipt.


Join the DIY Camp

This is where you fast for 30 hours!


Join the Famine Countdown

The Countdown is an experience not to be missed! Join thousands of other Campers from all over Malaysia for an exciting four hours of activities, performances and learning more about the cause you’re supporting.

Locate a DIY Camp that is closest to you, and sign up directly with the camp leader. Collect Donation Booklet from your camp leader and raise funds through your family and friends!

NOTE: Please only approach your friends, family and relatives to fundraise. PUBLIC SOLICITING OF FUNDS IS NOT ALLOWED.