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30-Hour Famine 2018 Focus

The 2018 30-Hour Famine will focus on two global issues. All Famine participants will be given the chance to choose the focus area they want to fundraise and advocate for.

Food Insecurity

Climate change has worsened the effects of the naturally occurring El-Nino weather phenomenon, reducing rainfall drastically and causing an intense drought. As a result, there are low crop productions which have led to a lack in food supply, causing children and their families to go hungry.

66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world, with 23 million in Africa alone


Meet Puleng, the 11-year-old student who lives alone with her 13-year-old brother

Siblings Puleng and Hape were orphaned when their single mother passed away five years ago. They now live alone in a house on a cliff. Like every other school-going children, they wake up early in the morning to go to school and return home in the afternoon. After school, Puleng and Hape enjoy playing with their friends.

However, due to the absence of an adult guardian, Puleng and Hape are left to fend for themselves. They often go out into the fields in search for wild vegetables for food. Wild vegetable hunting is a half day affair and due to the drought, they now have to walk further before they find any.

If they could, Hape wants to eat rice with meat topped with tomato sauce while Puleng wants to eat pap (maize porridge), vegetable and meat.


A lack of food and poor nutrition prevents children from developing well physically and mentally. They become more prone to acquire diseases and stunting.

Malnutrition continues to be the world's most serious health problem and the single-biggest contributor to child mortality: 45% or 3.1 million children each year

Meet Moseme, the five-year-old boy with a very contagious laugh

Five-year-old Moseme lives with his grandmother, siblings and cousins in a home overlooking the grasslands. His father passed away in 2015 and his mother works in town.

The youngest of three siblings, Moseme has a larger-than-life personality. Those in his presence will be infected with his contagious laughter. Moseme is also the apple of his grandmother's eye, and often helps her around the house.

Due to the lack of nutritious food, Moseme is underweight and lives with epilepsy. Seizure attacks happen when he gets really hungry. His grandmother will then carry him on her back and walk a distance to the health centre.

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How the 30-Hour Famine Helps

All funds raised will support holistic and transformational programmes in India, Lesotho, Malaysia and Myanmar. These programmes are aimed at improving the well-being of children, families and communities in need.

These are achieved through:

    • Improving knowledge and skills on cultivation techniques, animal husbandry and effective animal disease control
    • Improving household access to financial services through the establishment of savings groups and financial literacy training
    • Improving knowledge and skills of health workers and caregivers on infant and young child feeding practices such as exclusive breastfeeding, food preparation and variation
    • Creating awareness among pregnant mothers on safe pregnancy, institutional delivery and birth spacing
    • Establishing mother support groups and community-based nutrition clubs where mothers are better educated on child care, feeding, health and sanitation practices

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