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The 30-Hour Famine is more about fighting hunger and being part of the solution to the global hunger crisis than about being rewarded for your efforts. Still, a reward certainly doesn’t hurt! We can’t do this without you and we think your effort is worth celebrating. The Famine Team is thrilled to present Seiko watches and Thermos sets to those who have contributed greatly to the 30-Hour Famine. We would like to thank Seiko for being a Principal Sponsor of the 30-Hour Famine for many years. We would also like to thank Thermos, who has signed on as one of our sponsors this year!

Who Can Apply?

All DIY campers only (Including camp leaders and committee members who raised funds); students and working adults must raise RM800 and above.

How to apply?

Submit the following details:

Application opens on 12 June 2019.

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Terms & Condition

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This award is being run by World Vision Malaysia.
  2. By applying for this award, you accept these terms and conditions.
  3. World Vision Malaysia reserves the right to disqualify your participation if your submitted application does not comply with these terms and conditions, or is incomplete.
  4. Anyone living in Malaysia can apply for the award as long as they are not employees of World Vision Malaysia or family members of World Vision Malaysia’s staff.
  5. This application is open only to DIY campers who have submitted their donations and contributed to the 30-Hour Famine Fund. Individual participants, donors and Famine volunteers are not eligible and will automatically be disqualified.
  6. The Famine Awards will be awarded based on the highest amount for that particular award.
  7. Applications are open from 12 June 2019.
  8. You must submit your entry before 4 July 2019.
  9. You must adhere to and follow the instructions as written on the 30-Hour Famine Award page.
  10. Winners will be notified by email. All Famine Awards are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  11. World Vision Malaysia will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by any person in relation to this award.

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