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Are you passionate about children and advocating for their rights? Does it bother you knowing that many children go to bed hungry every night? Do you want to make a difference in our world? Are you up for a challenge?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions, then we've got just the thing for you!

Step up and organise your own 30-Hour Famine DIY Camp! You'll polish your leadership skills, make new friends and discover how meaningful fundraising can be when you do it as a team.

30-HOUR FAMINE DIY CAMPS are open to those aged 13 and above. At a DIY Camp, there will be exciting activities and games designed to help you learn more about the focus topic of the year! You and your friends can create unforgettable moments while experiencing something you may have never experienced before - 30 hours of fasting! And through your fundraising efforts before the DIY Camp, you will be able to support sustainable development projects and lift communities out of poverty.

Points to note:
- Camp Registration Fee (to cover camp expenses; a Donation Booklet will be given for fundraising purposes): RM30
- Minimum fundraising amount (to support community development projects):
   Students and senior citizens: RM100
   Non-students and working adults: RM150
-If your DIY Camp is joining the 2019 30-Hour Famine Countdown, see you there!

The 8-HOUR KIDZ FAMINE is a scaled-down camp catered to those aged 12 and below. In the Kidz Famine, we will educate children on the focus topic of the year through games and programmes specifically designed for children.

Children will come together and fast for 8 hours to experience hunger and other issues faced by poor communities. No matter their age, children can contribute to the Famine Fund and impact the lives of an individual or a whole community, lifting them out of poverty.

Points to note
- Camp Registration Fee (to cover camp expenses; a Donation Box will be given for fundraising purposes): RM20
- Minimum fundraising amount (to support community development projects):
   Children aged 12 years old and below: RM60
- 8-Hour Kidz Famine camps do not join the countdown event

The 8-HOUR PARENT & CHILD FAMINE is specially designed for parents and children to get involved in the Famine as a family. It is similar to the 8-Hour Kidz Famine when it comes to advocacy, fasting and fundraising, with ONE BIG DIFFERENCE - parents' involvement. Parents will be able to join their children in the programmes and activities, empowering them to learn more.

Indeed, this is a golden opportunity for parents and children to bond as they learn, fast (for 8 hours) and fundraise for a cause together.

Points to note
- Camp Registration Fee (to cover camp expenses; a Donation Box (children) and Booklet (parents) will be given for fundraising purposes): RM20/person
-Minimum fundraising amount:
   Parent(s): RM150/husband and wife (we encourage both parents to join the children; amount is RM150 for either 1 or 2 parents)
   Children aged 12 and below 12: RM60/child
- 8-Hour Parent & Child Famine camps do not join the countdown event

The 8-HOUR CORPORATE FAMINE is a corporate partnership open to all companies which stays close to our advocacy and fundraising efforts. It can be personalised to accommodate a company's needs without jeopardising or interrupting working hours. The elements of advocacy (learning about the focus topic), fundraising and fasting (8 hours) will still be major parts of the programme. It is an ideal workday initiative for employees and even employers.

Points to note:
- Minimum donation amount:
   Working adult: RM150
   Senior citizens: RM100
- Contact us at +603 -7800 0899 to know more. We are more than happy to connect with you!


To be a DIY Camp Leader, you need to be:
*18 years old or above
*Committed to the cause
*Passionate about people
*Hardworking and persistent
*Able to motivate and inspire


Here's what you'll be doing as a Camp Leader :

1. Camp Leader Training Workshop

Come and learn what the 30-Hour Famine 2019 will bring, how to run your Camp and tips on keeping your hungry campers engaged.

2. Running Your Camp

*Form a DIY Camp Committee - Every leader needs a reliable core team.
*Recruit Campers - Your participants will fast for 30 hours, learn about hunger and poverty, and fundraise for life-changing projects.
*Distribute Donation Booklets to Campers.
*Plan your DIY Camp Programme - Make it an unforgettable experience!
*Return the Funds to World Vision Malaysia - Collect the Donation Booklets and funds and bank it in to World Vision Malaysia.
*DIY Camp Day

3. Join the Famine Countdown

The Countdown is an experience not to be missed! Join thousands of other Campers from all over Malaysia for an exciting four hours of activities, performances and learning more about the cause you're supporting.
*The 30-Hour Famine countdown attendance is based on Camp Leader registration on first come first serve basis*

NOTE: Further announcements regarding the Camp Leader Training Workshop and Camp Leader application will be made soon. Leave us your contact info now and we will notify you through email.



Register for a DIY Camp for the full Famine experience. We have DIY camps catered for youth, kids (aged 12 and below), parent and child as well as corporate!

If you're a busy individual, you can still join us by signing up as an Individual Participant! We look forward to seeing you! Read below for more information:

Individual Participant

1. Register
2. Donate to the Famine Fund
3. Fast for 30 Hours
4. When and where you complete your fast is entirely up to you!

Unfortunately, Individual Participants will not be able to attend the Countdown.



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