30-Hour Famine

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A Family of Four Breaks the Limits with One Heart!

53-year-old Myangansay and 36-year-old Byambasuren have two children: 12-year-old son Turbold and 10-year-old daughter Tursaihkan. The family lives a simple yet happy life. Each day, they work together to make cheese products or biscuits; in their free time, they play Mongolia’s traditional ‘ankle bone’ game, savouring every moment they can spend together.

However, behind the scenes, this loving family faces much hardship. Father Myangansay suffers from chronic back pain and cannot work long hours, resulting in unstable household income. His wife Byambasuren is visually impaired due to a serious illness she suffered as a child. Coupled with a lack of mobility in her right foot, she faces discrimination when it comes to getting work.

Myangansay says: “When my wife accidentally fell while pregnant with our daughter, the baby got hurt; this caused side effects after she was born. Her forehead protrudes, she often has headaches, and she gets uncomfortable when it’s too hot.”

Adding to their heartbreak, son Turbold was diagnosed with bone cancer two years ago. The family’s meagre income made it difficult to cope with the high medical expenses. Myangansay borrowed money wherever he could to treat his son’s illness, and the family fell into hardship and despair.

It wasn’t until Byambasuren participated in World Vision’s training on the Ultra Poor Graduation Model that the family saw light at the end of the tunnel. World Vision will provide them with cheese-making appliances and refrigerators to help increase their cheese production, which in turn will improve their income.

Says Myangansay: “Our family relies on cheese to make a living; in the winter, my wife and I work at a nearby coal mine in exchange for income and fuel. We will work hard, and we hope to repay all our debts within five years.”

Poverty and illness cannot break the spirits of Myangansay’s family. Their eyes are brimming with love and hope. They are unyielding, supporting each other and working together to overcome the challenges they face. Join the 30-Hour Famine movement and work together to help families like Myangansay’s to Break the Limits!

Although Myangansay’s family is beset by illness, they still face life positively and look out for each other.

Despite having to get around on crutches, Byambasuren does her best for her family.
In winter, Myangansay and his wife work at the coal mine to help make ends meet.

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