30-Hour Famine 2016 Finance Summary

International Ministry RM RM
India Increased access to clean water, better hygiene practices (Basanti ADP) 270,067
Improved infant and child health (Nabagram ADP) 153,700
Engaging learning environments for children in schools (Moradabad ADP) 210,680
Mongolia Enhanced business knowledge and practices (Nalaikh ADP) 124,983
Myanmar Increased access to health services (Aungmyaythazan ADP) 113,422
Trained health workers in maternal and child health (Launglon ADP) 94,025
Improved quality of early child care and development (Launglon ADP) 118,738
Access to treatment for severely malnourished children (Mawlamyine ADP) 184,162
Improved quality of early child care and development (Mawlamyine ADP) 199,764
Philippines Proper feeding for underweight children (Moises Padilla ADP) 89,988
Thailand Improved child protection systems and advocacy (Thailand) 104,153
Vietnam Technical Staff Development Project 46,902
First 1,000 Days Nutrition Campaign (Mai Chau ADP) 42,665
Local Ministry
Malaysia Good Shepherd Services (Community Hostel) 25,000
Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled (Education & Training) 15,000
Dignity for Children (Education for Girls) 25,000
Fugee School (Buddies Programme) 20,000
Yayasan Sin Chew (WeCare) 15,000
WVM Foundation (Sabah Community Development) 150,000
Total Commitment 2,003,249.00