Ignite Your Influence! Be the voice of the voiceless!

Would you like to do something extraordinary? You can! Stand up for the rights of children and communities around the world as a Famine Advocate. You will have the opportunity to visit a World Vision Area Development Programme so you can share your story and the stories of the people you meet to inspire others to take a stand for children!

This life-changing experience is for those who believe that they can create a better world! You will personally witness our work on the frontlines of the battle against hunger and be a leader of change as you share your experiences to educate and inform those around you.

  • Go on a World Vision Study Tour to one of our Area Development Programme to experience how hunger and poverty is effectively combated in the community
  • Comprehend the struggles of families living in poverty and learn how we can help them
  • Learn how a World Vision Area Development Programme works
  • Strengthen your ability and conviction to be a voice for children in need

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