30-Hour Famine

Her beauty and her sorrow

“1, 2, 3 …” When we asked Enkhamidral, a lively five-year-old, if she had any winter boots, she immediately got out her shoes and arranged them neatly, happily introducing each pair to everyone. Among them was a pair of noticeably larger winter boots, which once belonged to her late sister.

“A year ago, Enkhamidral’s older sister passed away because of malnutrition. The two of them had such a good relationship. Whenever she sees her sister’s photo, she gets sad and cries,” says 34-year-old mother Soninsuvd sorrowfully.

Indeed, hidden under Enkhamidral’s cute smile are many sad stories. Her mother removes Enkhamidral’s clothing to show her scars, and recalls what happened in the winter three years ago.

Enkhamidral, then two years old, accidentally fell into a pot of boiling water, and nearly half of her skin was burned. Her family mistakenly thought that bringing her out into the snow would help, but instead she got frostbite on her liver and lungs, and her heart even stopped for a while.

Enkhamidral’s skin lost its elasticity due to the severe burns, and her liver and lung functions are impaired, affecting her normal development. Whenever she moves around too much, she feels a tearing pain on her body. Enkhamidral will need surgery at various stages of her growth, and the expensive medical care has made things harder for the impoverished family.

Each day, Enkhamidral’s parents had to stress over where their meals were coming from while also worrying about her physical condition. The death of Enkhamidral’s sister plunged the whole family into darkness, and to this day the grief has been difficult to escape.

Enkhamidral’s mother strove to quit drinking and works hard for her daughter, but she still faces discrimination and can’t help feeling sad.

Soninsuvd had a drinking habit, but after the painful blows and setbacks she suffered, she made up her mind to quit. However, she still faces discrimination. During this tough time, the determined and optimistic Enkhamidral has become the spiritual backbone of the family, giving them strength to keep going. When her stoic-looking mother was weeping with remorse and grief, Enkhamidral, who seemed to understand, snuggled into her mother’s arms, warming her heart with a smile.

What Soninsuvd needed most was a fresh start. Since participating in capacity-building training with World Vision, she has been rejuvenated and is currently a helper in a cafeteria. She works hard and hopes that her child will be restored to good health. By supporting the 30-Hour Famine, your love will give fresh opportunities and new hope to children and families like Enkhamidral’s, cheering them on in the midst of adversity!  

This winter, Enkhamidral has no boots that fit. Among her shoes is a pair of large winter boots, all that remains of her older sister.

Enkhamidral recites a poem confidently in front of everyone. Her dream is to be a kindergarten teacher, teaching children to recite poetry and sing.
Enkhamidral’s mother strove to quit drinking and works hard for her daughter, but she still faces discrimination and can’t help feeling sad.

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