Getting Started

Have you ever thought about going hungry for 30 hours, so a hungry person won’t have to? Join the global fight against hunger and poverty today!

It doesn’t cost much.

It’s really simple. Fast for 30 hours and raise funds for projects that bring food to the hungry and transformational development to communities around the world. Finally, learn more about hunger, poverty and how you are making a difference.

Donate to the Famine Fund
RM60 (under 12 years old)
RM100 (student)
RM150 (working adult)

NOTE: Kindly note that children below 12 years old are not eligible to attend the Famine Countdown.

  • Fast for 30 Hours – choose when and where you want to complete your fast!

Sign up now and embark on the incredible journey that being part of the 30-Hour Famine offers.