30-Hour Famine

Camp Leader

Are you passionate about children and advocating for their rights? Does it bother you knowing that many children go to bed hungry every night? Do you want to make a difference in our world? Are you up for a challenge? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, then we’ve got just the thing for you!

Step up and organise your own DIY Camp! You’ll polish your leadership skills, make new friends and discover how meaningful fundraising can be when you do it as a team.

To be a DIY Camp Leader, you need to be:
* 18 years old or above
* Committed to the cause
* Passionate about people
* Hardworking and persistent
* Able to motivate and inspire

30-Hour Famine DIY Camp TypeS

Run your DIY Camp your way!

Changing times call for new breakthroughs! The 30-Hour Famine team is always on the lookout for new elements to add into 30-Hour Famine DIY Camps, allowing participants to experience the Famine in fresh ways. That’s why we’re launching a new model for DIY Camps in 2020: Customised DIY Camps! As long as you’re over 18, and are willing to accept challenges and try new things, you’re welcome to lead a Customised DIY Camp.

What is a Customised DIY Camp?

A Customised DIY Camp breaks the mould, giving camp leaders more freedom to play with locations, times, and methods. Camp Leaders can present the message of the 30-Hour Famine in creative ways, by incorporating their own personal interests, as well as any sports and activities they choose.

A Customised DIY Camp should include:

  • Fasting (for 30 hours/8 hours), fundraising and learning about the focus issues.
  • Positive activities such as mountain climbing, camping, outings, clearing up beaches etc.
Camp Leaders and their teams can make the most of their abilities and resources while putting together their Customised DIY Camp. They can even pick and choose which World Vision materials and Famine Challenges they would like to use while planning out their activities.

3 steps to becoming a Customised DIY Camp Leader

Register as a DIY Camp Leader and choose ‘Customised DIY Camp’ on the registration form.

Email your camp plan to [email protected] before the Camp Leader Training Workshops. The plan submitted to World Vision should include the following information:
  1. Camp details: date, time, place, estimated number of campers etc
  2. Committee size and positions
  3. Activity flow
  4. Budget
  5. Services and support required: professionals, medical staff, relevant applications and documents etc​

Wait for World Vision staff to contact you.

You can run your Customised DIY Camp on the official Famine Weekend, and then spend the last 4 hours with Famine Fighters from all across Malaysia at a stadium. There you’ll reflect on what you’ve learned, share experiences, and count down together.

What will you be doing as a Camp Leader?

1. Sign up as a Camp Leader

Select the type of 30-Hour Famine DIY Camp:
30-Hour Famine
8-Hour Kidz Famine
8-Hour Parent & Child Famine
8-Hour Corporate Famine

2. Camp Leader Training Workshop

Come and learn what the 30-Hour Famine 2020 will be bringing, how to run your Camp and tips on keeping your hungry campers engaged.

3. Running Your Camp

Form a DIY Camp Committee – Every leader needs a reliable core team.
Recruit campers – Your campers will fast for 8 or 30 hours, learn about hunger and poverty, and fundraise for life-changing projects.
Distribute Donation Box/Booklets to campers.
Plan your DIY Camp Programme – Make it an unforgettable experience!
Return the Funds to World Vision Malaysia – Collect the Donation Booklets and funds and bank it in to World Vision Malaysia.
DIY Camp Day.

4. Join the Famine Countdown

The Countdown is an experience not to be missed! Join thousands of other Campers from all over Malaysia for an exciting four hours of activities, performances and learning more about the cause you’re supporting.
*Countdown seats are limited! Register as a Camp Leader earlier to reserve your spots! However, confirmation of seats is subject to the return of funds.

NOTE: Further announcements regarding the Camp Leader Training Workshop will be made soon.


30-Hour Famine Countdown


Register for a DIY Camp for the full Famine experience. We have DIY camps catering to youths, kids (aged 12 and below), parents and children as well as corporations! As a 30-Hour Famine or 8-Hour Famine Camper, you will:

1. Register for a DIY Camp
First select your preferred location. Contact the Camp Leader of your chosen camp to register. A registration fee will be collected according to the type of DIY Camp.

2. Raise funds
You will be given a donation booklet (30-Hour Famine) or a donation box (8-Hour Famine). All funds and donation booklets are to be returned to your Camp Leader. A receipt will be issued. 

3. Attend the DIY Camp
You will fast for 8 hours or 30 hours and learn more about focus areas with your fellow campers.
*If your 30-Hour Famine DIY Camp is joining the 2020 30-Hour Famine Countdown, we’ll see you there!

NOTE: Further announcements regarding the DIY Camp List will be made soon. Leave us your contact info now and we will notify you through email.