30-Hour Famine

Mongolia country

Focus Topic


When you think of a survivor, what comes to mind?

Someone who lives through disaster, conflict or intense hunger? A person who has faced and overcome great difficulties in their life?

All of the above is certainly true.

Perhaps you know a survivor in your life. Perhaps you’ve survived something yourself. We’re certainly all trying to survive through COVID-19.

But no matter your definition, we believe that one thing is true: a survivor is a fighter! Why?

A survivor has seen and experienced the worst the world has to offer…

…and they are still standing. 

A survivor refuses to be defined by tragedy, loss and hardship.

A survivor faces unbelievable challenges, but won’t back down.

A survivor can reach out and help others who suffer. A survivor has the power to make a difference and fight for a brighter tomorrow. In other words, they have what it takes to Fight for the Better!

At this year’s 30-Hour Famine, we celebrate the survivors. The fighters. Those who faced the worst and showed their best.

Surviving in Troubled Waters

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